How To Determine Your Body Type | Jalisa's Fashion Files

How To Determine Your Body Type | Jalisa’s Fashion Files

How To Determine Your Body Type | Jalisa’s Fashion Files
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This is only a PROMO for the series. I give a brief description of each body shape, but go into GREAT detail in the videos for the specific body shapes, for each!

Have you ever struggled with finding the right pair of jeans or dress that would truly flatter your body?! The whole key in developing the RIGHT wardrobe for YOUR body is to know and understand your body type. It’s also important to understand that not every trend will look good on you b/c of your body type. Follow me during this series I’ll be doing and in the end I KNOW you’ll gain a whole lot of knowledge about YOU!



How to style skirts for your body shape:

28 thoughts on “How To Determine Your Body Type | Jalisa’s Fashion Files

  1. I would say I’m not any of these shapes because I am naturally skinny but I
    have wide hips and a small waist. I have average breasts and a small butt.
    But I wouldn’t call myself a rectangle. To be totally honest all women have
    curves some just having more than others.

  2. hi i am confused between a rectangle and hourglass.. i am 6 feets, breast
    size 38 and butt size 40 , and waist 34 plz can u tell my shape

  3. i have big hips, a flat stomach if I don’t over eat but from the side i
    look super thin, i also have a 6 pack coming i hate my body

  4. And I’m just over here with big thighs, tiny chest, and somewhat curvy
    hips/center…I swear Raven from Teen Titans is the best character for me
    to cosplay, ever.

  5. I’m 17, my height is 5’5 and these are my measurements:

    Bust – 42
    Waist – 42
    Hips – 45

    So, can you tell me what my body type is?

  6. Yeah, I am also original, like the lady under. I do not want to write the
    numbers, but in general I´m a fat rectangle. No boobs, no but, skiny legs
    and arms and the fat is in the middle belly and tummy, with almost no

  7. Hi Jalisa I have just found your site and found it very interesting I have
    taken my measurements and they are 38 -35-40 I have a flat bottom most of
    my fat is in my tummy I have been told I am a soft straight and a pear but
    not sure which is best for me would really appreciate your feed back

  8. I’m in the middle of the scale in nearly everything. I’m fit and I’d be
    rather proportionate IF IT WEREN’T FOR MY GODDAMN SHOULDERS. Seriously. I
    look like a fucking mountain. No shirt ever fits or looks good. This is
    depressing, tell me I’m not alone. I need peer support.

  9. I’m thin and thick. i think I’m rectangle… i hate how tight shirts look
    on me because i look heavy that way. from the front i look good, but then
    once I’m taking a side picture i look thick and my back looks fatter than
    my front side so idk what i am lol. between apple and rectangle xD

  10. My bust is 84cm waist 72cm
    and im not really sure about hips my high hips with lower abdomen is 86cm
    but my lower hips are 94cm.
    what shape is this? also I have scoliosis so my Torso should be 1 maybe 2
    inches taller, I think it effects my shape. standing from the Front you
    notice my small waist right away but from the side you or atleast I cant
    see it. It seems to Slop down into my lower heavier tummy. again though my
    curved spine rib and hip are easy to Spot so this makes it very very
    difficult for me tp find my shape I dont seem tp be fitting any catagorie
    and shopping is difficult for me. please help ive been up all night
    searching for an answer

  11. Great video but have a bit of a problem with calling women boy shaped… I
    would undertand if it would help to describe it but it doesn’t. There are
    other more accurate terms for it like ruler or straight, but there is no
    need to call that shape unfeminine. ALL female body types are just as

  12. I have no idea what shape I am. I think I am in between a apple shape and a
    hour glass. I have broad shoulders, large arms, my bust is a 38 D, my
    waisted is the smaller part of my body but I have a stomach, my stomach
    tends to droop a lil towards the top of my pelvis. My hips are wide and I
    have a large butt & thick thighs. I wear a size 16 bottom & a 2x top. My
    measurements are 46, 40, 52. What is my body type.

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